Basic strategy to follow at the Joker Poker

Joker Poker is a variant of video poker that lives a little in the shadow of Deuces Wild, the declination that is by definition flagship. Similar to Jacks or Better, Joker Poker allows players to rely on a special card, a Joker card, which acts like the Wilds that can be found in some slots games. In the following article, you will know how to play Joker Poker or Joker 123 in an efficient way and below tips should transform all your big wins.

What there is to know?

Joker Poker, also known as Wild Joker, is a variant of video poker that highlights special cards represented by Joker. In this game, the Joker acts as a substitution card and allow you to complete one or more winning combinations. In most Joker Poker games, the lowest winning hand will be a Double Pair, replacing the traditional Pair of Kings. The advantage of the Joker Poker is that the advantage of the house is lower than that of the main variants. With a little ingenuity, you can enjoy a return of 98.60% investment in this game. The winning hands at Joker Poker are ranked in order of importance.

If the performance chart seems to demonstrate certain requirements, players should remember that they can use the various Joker cards in the game to complete winning combinations. In this sense, Joker Poker is a very affordable variant of video poker.


Steps to follow

You will find below a line of conduct that will show you the main actions to perform according to your draw at Joker Poker. If it is obvious that no situation is similar to casino games, you will still have to try to remember these actions to ensure an effective game – that is, a game where your chances of winning big will increase over the seconds.

  • During a game of Joker Poker, remember that Joker play a key role. If you have the chance to win two cards that are likely to form a pair or even two pairs, be sure to keep your Jokers. It is clear though that four Jokers alone are useless. Tell yourself that a Joker cannot exist without the other cards!
  • When you are in possession of weak cards, your Jokers will not be of much use to you. Remember that you need at least two pairs to get you out of trouble!
  • In possession of a Joker, you can form a unique combination that does not exist anywhere else: a Quintuple, that is to say the meeting of five cards bearing the same number!

Once your decision is made, the system obeys you. Whether you traded or not, you will need to have a pay combination in the end according to the pay table to receive your winnings. You can then repeat as many times as you want. Just do not forget to have fun playing, it’s the most important.